Asymptomatic Corona: Should I Worry?

The corona pandemic took the world by storm in the last year. Despite all these months of quarantines and deaths, many people don’t fully understand the technical things behind the disease. The understanding leads to many people making irresponsible choices that have deadly impacts on less fortunate individuals. It’s important to clarify some items to your patients, so they understand the weight of their actions.

Do healthy individuals need a corona test?

There is this misconception that people who feel fine should not bother getting the test. Many find the tests invasive and uncomfortable, so they would relatively “risk” their results than sit through a simple swab. The repercussion of these actions is deadly to many people, and it is this attitude helped spread the disease so widely.

People don’t feel sick immediately. Viruses have an incubation period where one does not feel symptoms yet. So, if you find out your friend you had a barbeque with the other day tested positive, chances are, they were contagious when they were around you. Getting tested is a responsibility as a citizen.

If there is any reason to believe you came into contact with an infected individual, a test (or quarantine) should immediately follow. Even if you don’t care about your health and safety, you should consider the health and safety of others you risk infecting.

What does it mean to be asymptomatic?

What if you feel extraordinary? Well, while there is a chance that you missed catching COVID-19, there is also a high chance you were merely asymptomatic. A large portion of infected individuals is asymptomatic. This term means that, even though they have the infection, they do not feel sick at all.

In these cases, you don’t need to worry about potential ventilators or landing in a hospital. You can count yourself lucky – but don’t think this has no consequences. The dangerous part of being asymptomatic is that you walk around not knowing you have the infection. This potential for spreading is why it is essential to seek out tests after potential contamination regardless of your symptom expression.

Am I still contagious when I am asymptomatic?

Despite a lack of symptoms, negative tests mean corona is actively in your body. While it may not hurt you, it can still impact the people around you. If you visit your grandparents or work with a lot of people, you risk giving the infection to everyone you encounter. Just because you didn’t show any symptoms does not mean that the people you infect will get off so lucky. In fact, the same disease could kill someone.

Tests are an important part of controlling the spread and keeping our community safe.

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