Can We Trust PCR Accuracy Tests?

The corona pandemic is a scary situation that affected people across the globe. Despite social distancing and quarantining efforts, the virus which emerged in 2019 persisted in 2021. While the new vaccines offer some promising relief for individuals looking for the end in sight, testing remains an essential weapon against the spread of the deadly disease.

What are PCR Tests?

A standard test used to detect COVID is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. They work by multiplying targeted genetic material within a given sample, so they are more “apparent.” Viruses are microscopic, so finding a way to force parts of them to be more visible is necessary for professionals to observe the disease.

How Accurate Are PCR Tests?

There are no tests that are 100% accurate, unfortunately. When it comes to science, this 100% is not something that any tests ever achieve (although they aim to approach it). While there are always some cases of false positives (or negatives), a vast majority of positive results are accurate. These results are very encouraging for the experts relying on accuracy to reduce the spread of the virus. The numbers are high enough that people should trust them.

If anyone has reason to believe they contracted the virus, whether, through contact or symptom expression, a test is a reliable technique for determining someone’s infection status. As long as tests are available, doctors should encourage and rely on them.

Educating patients about how these tests work and why they should test them is essential.

What’s the Worst that a False Positive Does?

While false positives are possible, misreading tests in this manner comes with minimal risk. What a positive test means is that the patient should abide by quarantine and social distancing regulations for the set period. Aside from some psychological stress of thinking you have corona, there’s minimal harm with having to stay home.

Although inconvenient, the risks of wasting the time of some individuals are insignificant compared to the benefits of identifying the vast majority of true positives. During times of a pandemic, it is more important than ever to follow these rules and do your part to reduce any potential for spread. Overall, these tests are highly accurate and worthy of trust.

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