COVID-19 Tests and Traveling: The Right Tests to Take

The coronavirus pandemic redefined how we spend our time. With vaccinations on the rise, many people crave getting “back to normal.” 

For some, this means jumping on a plane and traveling somewhere for the first time in a while.  

Even though it may seem like the pandemic is coming to an end, it isn’t yet. The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on people worldwide, and travel restrictions are necessary to keep the world safe and numbers under control.  

If you want to travel, you will need a coronavirus test.  

What if I Get the Wrong Test? 

There are tons of different tests to choose from. Unfortunately, not all are equal. The tests have varying degrees of accuracy, and some countries refuse to recognize some of them.  

For example, United States, Austria, Croatia, and the British Virgin Islands allow travelers to hold a negative rapid or antigen test. However, countries like Anguilla, Paraguay, and Ireland require PCR tests as they are more accurate.  

Getting the wrong test may mean that you get on a plane to your dream destination, and then officials deny your entry at the borders and send you right back home. And yes, mistakes like taking the wrong test are something that comes out of pocket.  

Is it Safe to Travel? 

Unless you have to, traveling during a pandemic is not something experts recommend. If you have to travel, though, there are specific measures you need to take to reduce infections.  

In addition to mandatory testing or vaccination policies, consider keeping social distancing measures regardless of where you are. While some countries are less strict with social distancing ordinances, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to do whatever you want just because you can.  

Avoiding incredibly crowded places and continuing to wear a mask is essential. Remember, just because someone got a complete vaccination does not mean COVID-19 is irrelevant to them. Vaccinated individuals may still catch the contagious virus, especially the mutation, which the vaccinations have less protection over.  

Additionally, just because you have protection does not mean that you can’t pick it up and pass the disease off to someone who isn’t as lucky. While wearing a mask seems annoying, remember it is a small price to pay to help keep people safe.  

It’s also a brilliant idea to call ahead to see what the requirements are and which attractions are open. Many countries still adhere to strict social distancing measurements where areas are shut down or have strict curfews enforced.  

There may be additional policies at hotels, resorts, and embassies you should know about. For example, if a region has a mandatory quarantine period of 2 weeks, it doesn’t make sense to book a ten-day flight because you will never leave your hotel room.  

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