The Importance of Women’s Health

The sex of an individual significantly influences health. There are many sex differences between health which are both societal and biological. As medicine is a predominantly maleinfluenced industry, there are many aspects of womens health misrepresented.  

As society changes and medical professionals emphasize equality, addressing womens health concerns is a priority. Understanding more about womens health is essential for a brighter tomorrow.  

What are Some Societal Influences on Womens Health? 

Both women and men around the world face restrictions for primary healthcare. These limitations are a huge concern, especially for those in developing nations. Within many of these countries, women remain more vulnerable than their male counterparts on a larger scale. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this disproportion reflects societal differences.  

Factors restricting women from obtaining the best medical advice possible often break down to the role women allegedly play in society. In nations where society considers women the lower sex, power discrepancies bar them from obtaining the necessary help. 

When health is available, they may not have the resources available to purchase services. In countries where women do not have equal access to employment or education, men have a distinct advantage. Cultures that restrict women from receiving equal education or work opportunities generally do so because they perceive a womans sole purpose in life as a mother and caretaker. This cultural perspective influences medical practices, placing the highest priority on womens reproductive roles and dismissing other issues.  

Currently, many organizations battle these inequalities to bring equal access to women’s healthcare. Of course, these problems are not exclusive to developing nations.  

Concerns About Womens Health  

Modern medicine received influence from a male bias. Many traditional practices favor male patients. As scientists identify inequalities in the system, the medical industry must work to correct these issues. In recent years, medicine took great strides towards the economy.  

Physicians must take womens concerns seriously. Having a strong understanding of women’s different risks is also a crucial factor for medical professionals to know. For example, there are many conditions women are more likely to experience. Diseases like breast cancer, UTIs, and anxiety are more frequent in women. Additionally, women are more likely to experience sexual assault and experience stigmas related to sexual activity.  

Physicians should know how to approach topics delicately and effectively encourage proper health and hygiene. Spreading awareness and education is the key to overcoming these inequality obstacles. In time, the world will bridge the gap between inequality in access to healthcare.  

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