Who should get tested for COVID-19

During a pandemic, testing is an essential element to keep the viral spread under control. These tests allow experts to have an idea of the general infection levels at a given time. Its crucial for the accuracy of this information that the right people undergo testing.   

While it would be ideal to test everyone to get a perfect measurement, this is not a realistic standard. Instead, experts need to prioritize the tests. As of now, no one has unlimited resources allowing them unlimited access to testing tools.  

These individuals should seek testing according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

  • Individuals displaying symptoms 

Anyone suffering from corona symptoms should call ahead to a doctor and let them know before showing up to an office. Even if you dont know anyone who tested positive, there are chances that you could be infected (or a loved one is asymptomatic). Anyone experiencing coughing, respiratory problems, chest tightness, or abnormalities in taste should stay home and contact their physician immediately for further instruction. Remember, you do not need to experience all or any of the trademark symptoms to have the disease.  

  • Individuals in close contact with infected people: 

If you interacted with someone who tested positive for corona that you had close contact with for 15 minutes or more, contact your physician immediately. Close contact doesnt necessarily mean touching each other. Merely being less than six feet apart from someone constitutes close contact. The definition implies that someone you often work with or a neighbor you stood near for a conversation could pass it on.  

  • At-risk individuals: 

In some cases, your physician may recommend that you get tested to stay on the safe side. Certain conditions leave you at a higher risk for complications, so experts recommend staying ahead of the curve. Talk to your doctor, and they’ll let you know if you fall into this group.  

What to do after testing: 

Corona tests are not an immediate thing. Even with the fastest PCR testing available, patients dont receive their results immediately. Waiting periods for tests may take a few days, depending on the testing lab’s workload and speed 

Some labs work faster than others, and it may be worth it to look this up before ordering testing just in case you need the results urgently.  

The CDC recommends that individuals awaiting results should self-isolate. This recommendation means complete quarantine – suggesting not going out, hosting anything, or meeting anyone. These measures prevent the spread of the disease.  

If you find out you are negative in the following days, dont consider the isolation a waste of time. Consider it a crucial measure that keeps vulnerable people safe and helps fight the spread of COVID-19.  

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